The 6th PlanoCosmo International Conference is part of The 5th World Planning School Congress (WPSC) and 16th Asian Planning School Association (APSA) Congress in 2022. As mentioned at WPSC-APSA website, the year 2022 would be marked as the year of two decades of the WPSC and has already decided in the fourth WPSC in Rio De Janerio in 2016, would be the year for the fifth WPSC would be a very remarkable moment. While in 2017, the 14th APSA congress was held in Beijing, China, and has decided that ASPI, The Indonesian Planning Schools Association, would be the host for the 16th APSA Congress in Bali, Indonesia. A joint between the 5th WPSC and the 16th APSA congress theme, “Planning A Global Village: Inclusion, Innovation, and Disruption” will bring together several relevant and important issues that challenge planning notions and practice, more importantly, to seek more productive collaborations among planning education institutions in this global village.

The theme of The 6th PlanoCosmo International Conference is “Healthy and Liveable Spaces” and we will connect with Track 2: Informality, Inclusion, and Participation. Dr. Ninik Suhartini from Bandung Institute of Technology is one of chairs on Track 2 and also speaker on the 6th Planocosmo.