Welcome to Stunning Bandung, Where the Wonder of West Java Begin!

Bandung is located 140 km south eastern of Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia. This modern city with wide tree-lined street has a mild and pleasant climate compared to other cities in Indonesia.  It is surrounded with beautiful mountainous scenery with rice fields, waterfalls and elevation rising to nearly 7.050 feet. Some notable public buildings built in western style as the city was founded in 1810 by the Dutch.

Bandung is the birthplace of non-aligned movement when for first time in 1955, twenty nine countries in Asia and Africa gathered with the aim of promoting economic and cultural cooperation between countries of Asia and Africa, especially to fight for the rights of freedom among the nations of Asia and Africa. The movement known as the ‘Asian-African Conference’ that declared the Ten Principles of Bandung, a political statement contained fundamental principles in promoting world peace and international cooperation. The spirit of Bandung and its Ten Principles had changed the view of the world on international relations. Bandung bore the third world or the Non-Aligned Countries. In 2005 and 2015 Bandung hosted the 50th and 60th anniversary event of the Asian-African Conference.

In its 207 years, Bandung is transforming to be more friendly and comfortable city for its citizen. The government actively rebuilding public spaces like thematic gardens, providing more and better pedestrian, also creating food, technology and cultural festivals. Nationally Bandung is the major destination for tourism and is the top 3 cities with best human quality.  The city also intensively applying technology in all aspects of governance, one of them in by creating Bandung Command Centre to monitor city’s traffic. The effort brought Bandung as the finalist in the World Smart Cities Awards 2017 in Barcelona, the only finalist from Southeast Asia.



The 4th Planocosmo International Conference will be held in the main campus of Institut Teknologi Bandung, situated in the heart of this beautiful city. We are looking forward to seeing you here in 2-5 April 2018!