1. Urban Land and Housing System
Track chairs: Prof. Eugenie L. Birch & Prof. Haryo Winarso
• Housing for everyone
• Innovation and technology for housing development
• Housing development and finance
• Mega-urban project and large-scale land development
• Urban land management

2. Peri-urbanization and Regional Policy
Track chairs: Prof. Tommy Firman & Dr. Shabbir Cheema
• Peri-urbanization, suburbanization, and post-suburbanization
• Metropolitanization, mega-urbanization, megapolitanization, and megaregionalization
• Special zones and regional competitiveness
• Interlocal, interregional and cross-border cooperation
• Globalization, decentralization, rescaling, and reterritorialization

3. Regional Innovation and Smart City System
Track chair: Prof. Roos Akbar & Dr. Ridwan Sutriadi
• Smart city and big data
• Infrastructure 2.0
• Planning in a digital era
• Creativity and innovation
• Sharing economy and sharing cities

4. Infrastructure and Transportation System
Track chairs: Prof. Pradono, Dr. Ibnu  Syabri & Dr. Tubagus F. Sofhani
• Infrastructure provision and management
• Inclusive and sustainable transportation system
• Technology for Intelligent Transportation System (ITS)
• Transit Oriented Development (TOD) and compact cities
• Megaproject planning and management

5. Disaster Risk Reduction
Track chair: Prof. Richard Haigh & Dr. Harkunti Rahayu 
• Megadisasters and challenges
• Disaster early warning, preparedness, prevention, and response & recovery
• Pre- and/or post-disaster reconstruction and rehabilitation planning and management
• Mainstreaming disaster risk reduction into planning and urban management
• Business continuity planning

6. Environmental Planning and Management
Track chair: Prof. Arief Rosyidie & Dr. Djoko A. Suroso
• Food, water, and energy security and planning
• Coastal zone management and marine planning
• Climate change adaptation
• Socio-ecological resillience
• Green cities and ecotourism

7. Informal Urbanism and Inclusive Development
Track chairs: Dr. Paul Jones & Dr. Sri Maryati
• Slum upgrading and kampong improvement
• Communal infrastructure provision
• Squatting and relocation
• Pluralism and citizen participation
• Complexity and self-organization in settlement transition

8. Rural Transformation and Small Town Planning
Track chairs: Dr. Li Zhang & Dr. Hastu Prabatmodjo 
Co-organized by: College of Architecture and Urban Planning, Tongji University, China
• Rural transformation
• Rural-urban linkages, relations, and integration
• Small town and medium-sized city planning
• Village management and governance
• Agrarian reform