The 6th PlanoCosmo International Conference:

“Healthy and Livable Spaces”

31 August 2022

The negative externalities of massive urbanization significantly impact human health and well-being. The combination of poverty, exclusions, inadequate social support, and exposure to risks for disease contribute to high levels of stress, poor mental health, and physical threat among the vulnerable populations. Furthermore, the emergence of the Covid-19 Pandemic triggers a new potential threat for quick transmission of disease between humans in broader spaces. While some cities have become national epicenters of the pandemic, the nature of Covid-19 disease amplifies the spread and transmission of infection beyond the city boundaries (i.e., regional and global scale) through their connectivity. The Covid-19 crisis has generated a massive loss of employment and income, exacerbating food insecurity. Health services have been partially or completely disrupted worldwide, and many measures have had adverse impacts on mental and physical health. Thus, negative health impacts of COVID-19 are unequally being felt by populations living in vulnerable circumstances, widening and exacerbating existing health inequalities.

In responding to the pandemic situation, city and regional governments have to react rapidly and innovatively to address these health issues and challenges in the future. Therefore, the theme of The 6th PlanoCosmo International Conference is “Healthy and Liveable Spaces”.

The aims of The 6th PlanoCosmo International Conference are to discuss an integrated perspective for revisiting our city and regional planning principles and approaches to respond Covid-19 pandemic crisis. These insights will help fill the knowledge gap in imagining, planning, shaping, and practicing new resilient for our future healthy and livable space after the Covid-19 pandemic. This conference provides an opportunity scholars, policy makers, and related stakeholders to enrich discourse towards Healthy and Livable Spaces. The event is part of The 5th World Planning School Congress and 16th Asian Planning School Association Congress in 2022 organized by Department of Urban and Regional Planning under the School of Architecture, Planning and Policy Development, Institut Teknologi Bandung.