Conference Publication

 All of the submitted abstracts will be printed in “The 5th PlanoCosmo Book of Abstracts” (ISBN). Additionally, publishing an The 5th PlanoCosmo International Conference Proceeding (ISSN) will also be available for papers presented in the conference. High quality papers can be submitted for publication in various top journals associated to the 5th PlanoCosmo, such as Journal of Regional and City Planning. In addition, you can also submit your papers in Scopus Indexed conference proceedings.

Journal of regional and city planning


(Institut Teknologi Bandung; SCOPUS indexed)

Journal of Regional and City Planning or JRCP is a tri-annual open access journal mainly focusing on urban and regional studies and planning in transitional, developing and emerging economies. JRCP covers topics related to the sciences, analytics, development, intervention, and design of communities, cities, and regions including their physical, spatial, technological, economic, social and political environments.