5th Planocosmo (2020)



When the digital revolution arrives, urban planning started to evolve gradually and now involves decisions related to internet connectivity, big data exchange and management, Artificial Intelligent (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), digital advertising, video surveillance and analytics. As technologies advance, so does demand for smart infrastructure. Smart infrastructure enhances the physical world with digital insights. It improves efficiency, helps us make better decisions and pinpoints errors before they happen.

The abundance of opportunities it provides conjointly comes with loads of queries. How smart will it be and which new technology to adopt? How the classic infrastructure issues, e.g. restricted funding or scarce resources, are addressed? Can it promote inclusive development, by connecting people with various socioeconomic backgrounds and geographical locations? Is it sustainable, how does it respond to climate change and other environmental issues? Therefore, the theme of the 5th PlanoCosmo Conference is “Infrastructure for all: Smart, Innovative, and Inclusive.”

The aims of The 5th PlanoCosmo International Conference are: to discuss the opportunities and challenges of infrastructure related-technologies; to connect various stakeholders interested in infrastructure and urban planning, development, and innovations; as well as to market ITB strengths in infrastructure technological and policy innovations. We invite academicians, researchers, and practitioners to participate in this conference. Amidst this Covid – 19 Pandemy, we encourage any ideas of infrastructure theme which are related to covid – 19 issues. The event is organized by the Urban and Regional Planning Program under the School of Architecture, Planning and Policy Development, Institut Teknologi Bandung.

Conference Topics:

The conference is divided into 8 tracks.  The topics of each track include, but are not limited to the following:

  1. Data-driven urban planning
    • Machine learning
    • Big data analytics
    • Social media
  2. Infrastructure for smart city and region
    • Intelligent transport system
    • App-based transportation
    • Early warning system
  3. Sustainable planning
    • Climate change and disaster management
    • Economic resilience
    • Affordable and clean energy
    • Green infrastructure
  4. Infrastructure financial innovation
    • Land value capture
    • Public Private Partnership (PPP)
    • Private investment in slum
    • Urban infrastructure funds
  5. Collaborative planning
    • Quadruple helix collaboration
    • Urban sprawl and metropolitan governance
    • Inter-municipal and multi-level government cooperation
    • Technology for urban management
  6. Inclusive development
    • Reducing social exclusion
    • Integrating region, connecting periphery
    • Towards social well-being
  7. Innovative and creative communities
    • Strengthening creative industry
    • Organizing creative community
    • Strategies for community transformation
  8. Mega infrastructure projects
    • Financing mega project
    • Socio-economic impacts
    • Power relation
    • Policy instruments
  9. Responding to Covid-19 Pandemic : Infrastructure Planning and Design 

Amidst this The Covid – 19 Pandemy, we encourage any ideas of infrastructure theme which are related to covid – 19 issues.