2nd Planocosmo (2013)


The 2nd Planocosmo International Conference

Infrastructure and Regional Growth for Inclusive Development

21st to 22nd October 2013

We have witnessed how cities and regions are expanding as logical consequence to rapid economic growth. On the other hand, inadequate or poorly performing infrastructure presents major economic and social challenges, reflected by widening regional disparity and exacerbating poverty. Furthermore, the role of infrastructure is no longer limited to addressing economic and social needs. Network-oriented infrastructure development and climate-friendly technology adoption have become an immediate necessity in providing the proper framework towards sustainable and inclusive development. Herein, the role of planning is challenged more than ever. The lack of funding and scarce resources, conflicting interests among various stakeholders, and other external factors including political, governmental, and societal system are among the key issues that hinder the acceleration of infrastructure provision. Accordingly, in this conference, we invite academicians, researchers, and practitioners to discuss the interface between infrastructure and regional planning and its implementation.

A Tribute to Prof. Ir. Bambang Bintoro Soedjito, MRP., Ph.D.

This 2nd Planocosmo International Conference is specially held as a tribute for Prof. Bambang Bintoro Soedjito. He was an academic staff of the Department of Regional and City Planning, School of Architecture, Planning, and Policy Development, Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB).  He is currently working as Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Development Specialist in National Development Planning Agency (BAPPENAS), Government of Indonesia. His works have been focusing on policy planning and regional analysis, poverty alleviation, fiscal decentralization, resource economics and environmental management, integrated area development and PPP in infrastructure provision. This conference’s theme and tracks are specifically arranged reflecting his area of expertise, aimed at synthesizing the dynamic of planning framework occurring throughout the development process in Indonesia until now and lessons learned from abroad.

Conference Tracks

Track #1: Infrastructure and Regional Development

  • Integrated infrastructure development and regional disparity
  • Fiscal decentralization and infrastructure development
  • Infrastructure and food security
  • Infrastructure planning tools and techniques
  • Infrastructure governance and integrity
  • Interregional collaboration in infrastructure development and governance

Track #2: Infrastructure and Poverty Alleviation

  • Pro-poor infrastructure development policy
  • Infrastructure and social inclusion
  • Infrastructure development in isolated area
  • Infrastructure development in island and coastal area
  • Infrastructure development in metropolitan and peri-urban area (emphasizing on poorer society)

Track #3: Infrastructure and the Environment

  • Infrastructure and green economy
  • Smart growth and green infrastructure
  • Post-disaster reconstruction and rehabilitation planning
  • Environmental resource management and governance
  • Disaster risk reduction and resilient community
  • Climate change adaptation in coastal areas
  • Infrastructure and energy security

Track #4: Infrastructure and the Financing Options

  • Theory in urban and regional infrastructure financing, budgeting, and management
  • Infrastructure development decision-making process
  • Fiscal instruments for private investment in public infrastructure services
  • Public-private partnership (PPP) in infrastructure provision
  • Value for Money (VfM) for PPP projects

Keynote Speaker

  • Joko Widodo (Governor of Jakarta Province, Government of Indonesia)*

Proposed topic: “Metropolitan Infrastructure Development: from Concept to Implementation”

  • Ahmad Heryawan, Lc. (Governor of West Java Province, Government of Indonesia)*

Proposed topic: “Infrastructure and Twin-Metropolitan Development: from Concept to Implementation”

  • Ir. Bambang Bintoro Soedjito, MRP., PhD. (Department of Regional and City Planning, School of Architecture, Planning and Policy Development, ITB)

Proposed topic: “Infrastructure and the Financing Options: from Concept to Implementation”

Invited Speakers

  • Prof. Robert Cervero (Professor of City & Regional Planning, College of Environmental Design, University of California Berkeley)
    Proposed topic: “Infrastructure and the Environment: Sustainable Mobility”
  • Prof. Kiyoshi Kobayashi (Department of Urban Engineering, Kyoto University)

Proposed topic: “Infrastructure in the knowledge society and regional economic growth”

  • Prof. Seigo Nasu (School of Management, Kochi University of Technology)

Proposed Topic: “Infrastructure Development and Disaster Management”

  • Prof. Suahasil Nazara, S.E., M.Sc., Ph.D. (Faculty of Economics, University of Indonesia)

Proposed Topic: “Infrastructure and Poverty Alleviation”

  • Prof. Dr. Suyono Dikun (Professor in Transportation Planning and Policy, University of Indonesia)

Proposed Topic: “Transportation Infrastructure and Regional Growth: The Role of Railway Reform”

  • Dr. Ir. Montty Giriana (National Development and Planning Agency, Government of Indonesia)
    Proposed topic: “Infrastructure and Energy Policy”
  • Dr. Fauziah Zen (Economist, Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia)*
    Proposed Topic: “PPP for Infrastructure in ASEAN Member States: How do Developing Countries Utilize and Get Benefit from the Scheme?”
  • Mr. David Hawes (Infrastructure Advisor, AusAID)

Proposed Topic: “Financing and Paying for Indonesia’s Infrastructure”

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Journal of Regional and City Planning:

Transport Infrastructure and the Environment in the Global South: Sustainable Mobility and Urbanism (Robert Cervero)