The 5th PlanoCosmo International Conference:

“Infrastructure for all: Smart, Innovative, and Inclusive.”

Bandung, Indonesia 20 – 21 October  2020


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Dear Colleagues,

Department of Regional and City Planning, SAPPD – ITB invites you to participate The 5th PlanoCosmo International Conference on Smart Infrastructure Development, with the theme “Infrastructure for All: Smart, Innovative, and Inclusive” which will be held on 20 – 21 October  2019 in Bandung, Indonesia.

The International Conference will present as one of international multi-disciplinary platform in the world of regional and city planning. The conference will offers an excellent opportunity incorporating the agenda into academic research and policy making, as well as communicating its problems and potential solutions in a scholarly and practically relevant discussion. This conference aims to propose infrastructure-related technologies and strategies addressing infrastructure development problems by connecting various stakeholders interested in infrastructure planning, development, and innovations such as researchers, policy makers, and experts.

We invite you to join and participate this events. Your participation will not only enable you to reach an international audience of key stakeholders, but it will also contribute to advancing the scientific and research knowledge in the field as well as promoting better access to integrate research and policy making.


Dr. I. G. Ayu Andani

Chair of The 5th PlanoCosmo International Conference


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