The 6th PlanoCosmo International Conference:

“Healthy and Livable Spaces”

31 August 2022

Dear Colleagues,

Department of Urban and Regional Planning, SAPPD – ITB invites you to participate in the 6th PlanoCosmo International Conference, with the theme “Healthy and Livable Spaces” which will be held on 29 August – 2 September 2022.

This international conference will present as one of international multi-disciplinary platform in the world of regional and city planning. The conference aims to discuss an integrated perspective for revisiting our city and regional planning principles and approaches to respond Covid-19 pandemic crisis. These insights will help fill the knowledge gap in imagining, planning, shaping, and practicing new resilient for our future healthy and livable space after the Covid-19 pandemic. This conference offers an excellent opportunity to incorporate the theme into academic research and policy making, as well as communicating its problems and potential solutions in a scholarly and practically relevant discussion.

We invite you to join, participate, and support this event. Your participation will not only enable you to reach an international audience of key stakeholders, but it will also contribute to advancing the scientific and research knowledge in the field as well as promoting better access to integrate research and policy making.


Chair of The 6th PlanoCosmo International Conference
Bagas Dwipantara Putra, PhD.

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